Friday, March 29, 2013

Love for the Quran in Children

AlhamduliLlah, I have just prepared my first video blog. Although this three-part screencast presentation is quite simple, quite a bit of effort was involved. Hopefully, through the learning experience gained through preparing this video blog, I can automate much of the steps if/when I create my next video blog. InshaAllah.

I think the topic is an important one - how to motivate our children to read the Quran, and how to inculcate in our children a love for the Quran in general. I accidentally got hold of a book called 'Drive', by Daniel Pink, and I thought that the motivation theory he presents offers some insight on how to motivate our children to read the Quran. Let me know what you think about this screencast and please share with others, especially Quran teachers.