Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Path to Piety

I like that name – “Path to Piety”. Short, catchy, and clear in meaning. Kudos to the person who came up with it.

Path to Piety is an annual three-day Islamic program hosted by Masjid dar us Salaam, a masjid located in the most densely Muslim populated neighbourhood in Canada, Thorncliffe (Toronto).  The entire Muslim Thorncliffe community, young and old, men and women, were brought to life during this event, enjoying the delicious burgers being grilled in the masjid parking lot, purchasing books, meeting old friends, trying out the new peach-mango smoothie at the nearby Tim Hortons, and most importantly, attending the program lectures. Many of the lectures filled the masjid to beyond capacity, to the point where one brother commented that the masjid reminded him of gatherings at Dar ul Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen.